CMTM-1000 Turbo Mill

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CMTM-1000 Turbo Mill

Fine Hair Wires Solution.
  • Are copper fines getting thru your granulator screen with insulation still on the wire?
  • Are you having to run your material thru your system more than once to make sure it's clean?
  • Are you losing hair wires in your tailings?

A Turbo Mill is the only screen-less system that will take your copper fines and tumble them into little balls.

These little balls react just like the coarse copper on the separation tables removing the “clumpy” factor.

The extremely high speeds and rolling action removes any remaining insulation that may still be on your wires.

The material is vacuumed thru the drum horizontally and gets pulverized and rolled as it travels thru to the evacuation port.

The process is caused by multiple blunt edge blades that do not need a opposite cutting or “bed” knife. This results in a maintenance schedule that is less than 1/50 of a conventional Granulator.

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1 tph*
The CMTM-1000 turbo mill is designed to grind rigid and semi rigid materials into a fine particle sizes smaller than 1/16″ in diameter.

  • Capacity of the machine is determined by the rigidity of the materials and particle size.
  • 75hp TEFC 360/230/460 3ph electric motor. (100hp available for more throughput)
  • Carbon steel plate body.
  • Easily interchangeable steel wear plates and beater knives.
  • Clam-shell design for easy opening.
  • Designed and plumbed with water-cooling chambers for reducedย  heat and maximum production efficiency.

(Priced with 75hp option, throughput of up to 1600lbs/hr)

NOTE: A blower, cyclone and air-lock valve are required in order to pull the material thru the Turbo Mill.

The following options are available at an additional cost.

  • Water Chiller (keeps cold water flowing thru the stainless chambers reducing the heat caused by the friction.
  • VFD (for speed control)
  • 100hp Motor *up to 2200lbs/hr + $3,450

(Non openable model available for 15% less).