Non-Ferrous Wire Choppers

Wire chopping, or cable recycling, is a recycling process that separates and isolates valuable non-ferrous material from its plastic insulation, metal jacket, or synthetic shell. Depending on the starting material, different configurations of a processing line are used. Shredders are typically used as primary size and volume reducers whose output is then fed into a granulator for secondary stage reduction. Based on its density, that material then gets separated through various pieces of equipment and is further isolated and screened to reach its maximum purity.

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Profitable Metal Recovery

Although higher copper content wire such as ICW #1 or ICW #2 require less machinery to reach high purity yields, the processing needed for lower recovery cables can be more intricate to fully liberate the non-ferrous material. That does not mean low-quality wire equals low-quality yields. Wires such as hair wire or low-grade need different processing equipment such as vertical mills, turbo mills, or wet separators. When matched with Cable Management’s experience and expertise, all these machines work in unison to generate yields ready to recirculate as new, raw materials.


The Cable Management Difference

We have integrated over 200 recycling systems worldwide, for a variety of non-ferrous processing applications, ranging from throughputs of 100 to over 20,000 lbs/hr. Design, build and commissioning are always executed in unison with local millwrights, our engineering team and our fabrication team to ensure that specifications and expected results are met. We test and operate in our own facilities, so you can be sure that each piece of machinery that we commission has our full support and operational knowledge behind it. From a manufacturer who knows how and when it works best, efficiently recover your non-ferrous metals with the quality and support of Cable Management.

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