We are likely not a good match if:

Finding the lowest priced equipment is the only consideration.

While we certainly respect equipment options that fit a variety of budget requirements in the market, that is not our space. At Cable Management, we are dedicated to tailor-fitting clients with solutions for their needs that help grow their business. The lowest priced option might look preferable on paper but may not be the best overall pick for your needs over time.

The principal material being processed is steel, iron, or ferrous-dominant.

We have worked with clients in all areas of the recycling industry, however, our specialty is non-ferrous size reduction, isolation, and yield purity. Our equipment is designed and built uniquely for non-ferrous processing for materials like copper, aluminum, and Lithium-ion batteries, as opposed to denser iron-bearing materials like steel, car frames, engines, and more.

The primary recycling focus is on plastic reduction and separation.

Because we are a non-ferrous recycling equipment manufacturer with a large focus on cable and battery processing, we work with plastic separation every day. Nonetheless, our machines are made for metal recycling. Because of this, our equipment is probably overkill for plastics recycling alone.

The desired recycling machinery is for throughputs under 200 lbs/hr.

Generally, profit margins at low volumes do not justify the recycling equipment costs. Watch our YouTube videos on it here and here. We do have a number of solutions for a variety of materials and needs with most of our non-ferrous systems ranging anywhere from throughputs of 300 to over 20,000 lbs/hr.

The main recycling focus is on municipal solid waste.

While we have worked with businesses who have a municipal solid waste recycling division, this is not our area of expertise. Copper and aluminum extraction are our bread and butter, with a focus on insulated wire. Municipal solid waste tends to have a mixture of competing materials at similar densities making it difficult to separate and isolate.