C4 Turbo Plant Deluxe

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C4 Turbo Plant Deluxe

Designed and manufactured in the USA, this turn-key plant will enable you to process wire smaller than telephone wire all the way up to large multi conductor 1000mcm.

Pricing includes setup and training in the continental United States.

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C4 Turbo Plant Deluxe :

Components list:


  • 1000 Series hydraulic dual shaft shredder

Conveyor:CMC 8′ MH

  • Feed Conveyor 8ft Discharge

Conveyor:Cross Belt Magnet

  • Cross Belt Magnet


  • 1626CMHD, 100hp Low Profile Granulator

Blower:CMBL-3 Euroline (2x)

  • 15hp material handling fan with cyclone & Material handling pipe


  • Zig-Zag Separator model CMZZ12 W blower/cyclone/baghouse

Silo/Dosing Hopper:CMDH-2’D SCREW

  • Automatic Dosing Hopper

Turbo Mill:CMTM-1000-CL
(Priced with 75hp option, throughput of up to 1600lbs/hr)

  • VFD (for speed control)
  • 100hp Motor

(Clam-shell model available for an additional 18%)

Separation system:C4
C4 New Air separation system capable of separating up to 4000-5000lbs/hr*

Full installation, training and support on system is included. *

* – Please contact your Cable Management representative for a list of installation requirements.

Please note that the above component list only includes a brief description of items to simplify the quoting process. Invoices will include component details and in depth description of each component. If these are needed, please contact your Cable Management Salesperson for an item detailed invoice or quote.