Magnapower Magstar 1200 HSIC Drum Separator (used)


Magnapower Magstar 1200 HSIC Drum Separator

Model MS120 BF VF


New in 2018

• Diameter: 12 inches
• Face Length: 48 inches
• Weight 1615kg

Magnetic Force:
• Approximately 5 times stronger than conventional rare earth drums
• Ideal for Removing: Various grades of stainless steel
• Magnetic Strength: Approx 50,000,000 Gauss sqd/cm
• Design: Continuous pole

• Unique Design: Attracts and holds weakly magnetic materials, including many grades of stainless steel
• Superior Design: Compared to belt over magnetic roller type separators, it prevents ferrous materials from being caught between the magnet and belting
• Integrated dust hood with vented top

• Manufactured: In the UK
• Drum Width: 1200mm
• Includes: Base frame with guards, motor gearbox, and splitter/baffle
• Vibratory Feeder: included.