40″ Circular Screeners


CM Screener 40-1

Single deck self-balancing Gyratory screener 40″

  • 2 fractions
  • M.S Construction
  • Fitted with suitable S.S.304 screens
  • Adjustable three plane motion
  • Anti blinding PP rings
  • Perforated sheet beneath the mesh
  • Supported on steel base designed for floor mounting
  • Vibrating assembly is isolated by spring assembly
  • Complete with 1/2 HP special vibrating totally enclosed motor 240v/480v-60hz 3phase electric motor.
  • Top and bottom eccentric weights and lead scale indicator with top dust cover.
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Our 40″ single-deck screener is specifically manufactured to efficiently separate solid materials spanning from light-weight particles, heavy particles, fine particles, coarse particles, and more. We currently carry screens ranging from 6 mesh (3,360 microns) to 100 mesh (149 microns) for your separation needs. We have the capability to reach 400 mesh (37 microns) screening, as well. Up to 4 decks per screener can easily be added to suit your needs of greater refinement particle separation. Industry standards are met and exceeded for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and pharmaceutical screening use. The mechanisms built within our screener also allows for greater capacity and effective screening by discharging material with less lines than other comparable screeners. Uniform tension across the mesh frame allows for a longer screen life by reducing flexing of wires and screen wear. No transmitted vibration ensures no special flooring necessary to mount and use this unit, too. 304 stainless steel (18-8 stainless) mesh screens come standard in our screener to combine quality and functionality. Spare parts of each component are ready and available to ensure longevity of the machine and a continual working-life. All screener spare parts we carry are Kason™ and SWECO™ compatible. Get yours today!