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    [products skus="RM001" columns="1"], [products skus="RM001" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM002" columns="1"], [products skus="RM002" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM003" columns="1"], [products skus="RM003" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM004" columns="1"], [products skus="RM004" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="CM-METAL-TIN-C" columns="1"], [products skus="CM-METAL-TIN-C" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM006" columns="1"], [products skus="RM006" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM007" columns="1"], [products skus="RM007" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM008" columns="1"], [products skus="RM008" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM009" columns="1"], [products skus="RM009" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM010" columns="1"], [products skus="RM010" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM011" columns="1"], [products skus="RM011" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM012" columns="1"], [products skus="RM012" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM013" columns="1"], [products skus="RM013" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM014" columns="1"], [products skus="RM014" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM015" columns="1"], [products skus="RM015" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM016" columns="1"], [products skus="RM016" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM017" columns="1"], [products skus="RM017" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM018" columns="1"], [products skus="RM018" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM019" columns="1"], [products skus="RM019" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM020" columns="1"], [products skus="RM020" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM021" columns="1"], [products skus="RM021" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM022" columns="1"], [products skus="RM022" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM023" columns="1"], [products skus="RM023" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM024" columns="1"], [products skus="RM024" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM025" columns="1"], [products skus="RM025" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM026" columns="1"], [products skus="RM026" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM027" columns="1"], [products skus="RM027" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM028" columns="1"], [products skus="RM028" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM029" columns="1"], [products skus="RM029" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM030" columns="1"], [products skus="RM030" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM031" columns="1"], [products skus="RM031" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM032" columns="1"], [products skus="RM032" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM033" columns="1"], [products skus="RM033" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM034" columns="1"], [products skus="RM034" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM035" columns="1"], [products skus="RM035" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM036" columns="1"], [products skus="RM036" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM037" columns="1"], [products skus="RM037" columns="1"], ,
    [products skus="RM038" columns="1"], [products skus="RM038" columns="1"], ,


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