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CMSH1000 Dual Shaft Shredder

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Design Advantages:

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • 7,500 lbs. total gross weight (including power supply)
  • 1000 series hydraulic shredder 36″ x 30″ cutting chamber 2″ x 14.625″ four hook knives standard (can be configured with different sized knives)
  • Shreds 4 to 5 tons per hour (numbers based on automotive tires 20 lbs. per tire and could be more depending on the density of your material.)
  • PLC controlled overload and auto reverse (can be custom programed)
  • Low maintenance hydraulic system
  • 5 inch 6 key shafts
  • Maintenance free Proprietary knife clamping system
  • Proprietary bearing protection zones
  • 100 HP Hydraulic power supply (HP can be increased up 175 HP)


CMSHSS-25 Single Shaft Shreddermetal shredder

CMSHSS-25 Single Shaft Shredder

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CMSHSS-25 Single Shaft Shredder

Scrap Metal Shredder With Hydraulic pushing Ram.


  • Rotor Speed: 73rpm
  • Rotor Diameter: 220mm
  • Rotor Blades: 23
  • Static Blades: 4
  • Ram chamber: 500mm
  • Discharge height: 500mm
  • Screen Diameter (holes): 40mm
  • Motor power: 18.5kw (25hp)
  • Hydraulic Power: 1.5kw (2hp)
  • Chamber size: 600×510 (mm)
  • Overall dimension: 1850x1300x1700 (mm)
  • Weight 1700kg