Copper Granulators

The main use of granulators in processing lines is efficient size reduction to help in further material separation. This is achieved by material getting fed into the granulator where it gets cut between the rotating fly blades and the stationary bed blades that chop the material continuously until the size is reduced enough to fall and fit through the screen below. At Cable Management, we mostly commission granulators for wire processing but have used them with clients in an array of applications like plastics, battery processing, and more.

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Homogenous Size Reduction

Depending on your desired material, size and needs, different screens are used to reach homogenous size reduction. By reducing the starting material to a consistent overall size, ease of material isolation in the auxiliary processing steps is significantly increased. This results in a higher quality end-product. Our granulators are capable of handling a variety of materials, with reduction down to 1/16″. And, by design, Cable Management granulators allow higher material throughputs while using markedly less horsepower so you can do more with less.

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The Cable Management Difference

We have tested and operated every granulator model we offer in our own facilities, so you get equipment from a manufacturer who knows how it works best. Our granulators have a unique staggered rotor design which better distributes the energy across the rotor for minimal stalling and quieter operation, virtually eliminating the “surging” experienced with traditional granulators under full load. This design also greatly reduces the need for blade changes. Our customers report 2-3x longer timespan between blade changes.

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